Pastrami Sandwich

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Can some  one give me a good pastrami sandwich recipe ?Brown, yellow or Dijon mustard is better. I have seen cole slaw with cole slaw dressing and country dijon . will it go with it.Grilling or steaming of pastrami is the best?
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You need to start with good pastrami. Use navel or brisket, anything else is "peppered roast beef"

I prefer grilled pastrami with Heinz yellow mustard, pickles and onion on a crusty roll.
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Real Jewish Deli type Pastrami is always steamed or held in a steam cabinet or drawer.. As far as mustard Guildens or Hebrew National brand is most always used. Slaw on side unless making a sandwich known as a Rachel It' like a Reuben . In a tradit

ional NY Kosher  Deli  a Reuben or Rachel is never made as you can't mix meat with cheese. In a Jewish Deli you can mix.  

     The Pastrami sold in supemarkets is garbage and in most cases done with a bottom round of beef. Traditional Pastrami is made from a cut called a point or a plate of  beef or in some cases the top of the brisket. which is very different. Pastrami is best when sliced very thin accross the grain. Good Pastrami is a staple of a NY DELI.

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