Pasteurized Crab Meat

Discussion in 'Food & Cooking' started by jock, Jan 28, 2004.

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    I made some Corn and Crab chowder the other day. I went to Whole Foods for the crab and they wanted $27 a pound. I needed 2 pounds and I thought that was a bit expensive. So I got 2 tins of pasteurized crab at Costco for $11 a pound. A much better deal.
    The crab tasted OK I guess but definately not to the standard of fresh. It was mostly body meat - no claws and it was harvested and processed in Thailand. It worked well enough in the soup but I wouldnot use it in crab cakes or anywhere the crab had top billing.
    I'm not quite sure what is the point of this post!! I guess I want to ask, does anybody have any opinion on canned/pasteurized crab meat?

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    i regularly use pastrized claws from one particular company down here cuz they are really tasty and huge! as far as backfin or lump i can't stand pasturized meat. it pretty much tastes like crab with all of the beautiful life juices squezzed out. one mans opinion