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Hello! I am Luke and new to the forum :) I want to learn how to cook pasta and prepare 'restaurant level' dishes. As of today I have cooked pasta three times.

I have been reading about cooking in general for some time but I want to take things a bit more seriously now and so I came up with the following plan:
  1. I want to learn about pasta dishes, in general, a bit of history etc etc
  2. I want to learn about the science of pasta, just a tad, nothing fancy but I believe it's crucial to have such an understanding.
  3. This is the part where I get down to actual cooking and prepare pasta and sauces.
  4. I will now worry about the fine details of presenting the food nicely, fine tune some techniques … in short I'll eat a home made pasta dish as if I was eating it in a restaurant.
I am thinking that the best way to get started is to get some books so I looked a bit around these look promising:

Mastering Pasta: The Art and Practice of Handmade Pasta, Gnocchi, and Risotto by Marc Vetri. The feel I got from reviews is that this is not a beginner's book, but the first few pages got me very interested.

Beard on Pasta by James Beard - A classic and a lot of reviews where highly positive.

Trullo by Tim Siadatan - Looks like a comprehensive approach but there is only a single chapter on pasta.

I am considering a class, but I want to get my hands dirty a bit more before doing so.

My question is which of these books would you recommend or perhaps others?

Thank you in advance!
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In Italy, every region has its classic pasta dishes. Learn them from recipes on the internet. Keep in mind most classic dishes are from local, seasonal produce.
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Thank you for your replies!

Brianshaw, I have bought the book you suggested.


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