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I am interested in purchasing a pasta machine, so I can make more homemade pastas. I have been looking around and found out that the average price is around $55, is that about par, or at that price, am I over spending ??, also is there anything in particular that I should be looking for in a pasta machine ??, I'm sure that all the models vary, but I'm not really sure which is a better one to purchase. Mind you, I am also loooking for good quality at a low price.
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I have bought a couple of Atlas pasta machines and for the most part they work great for home. I have seen them for as little as $15.00 and as much as $60.00 for the same machine. I have never bought a larger one but they do look nice. The advantage of the larger machine is that it is wider. They also come with a chute to hold the pasta dough as you roll it out.
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Atlas is one of the long-time manufacturers, so I'd trust their machine. The price you quote sounds high for the manual, and low for one with the electric motor. (Well, maybe not when you consider the exchange rate.)

Since I already had a KitchenAid mixer, I got the pasta roller/cutter attachment. Not inexpensive ($100 USD), but I'm very happy with it. Because it is self-powered, I can use both hands to feed the dough through it; otherwise it's really a 2-person job. And the extra height from the counter is a help as well.
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I got an Atlas machine years ago on sale at Macy's for $25. IMHO it is the best $25 I ever spent. I've been using it regularly for more that 15 years and trouble free.
I think the basic machines come with a dual cutter for tagliarini (sp?) and fetuccini.
I've tried the rolling pin but it is hard work and I think you really need to have lots of experience to use one effectively. The machine is faster and more efficient.
As to the price, $55 US is what I would expect to pay in the SF Bay Area. Your $55 Can. makes it cheaper I think. I'm an impulse buyer so spending time to look for better prices is not my thing. When I want it I buy it. I would still pay $55 for it today and not regret it.

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