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    Hi guys !

    This is my first post on this forum. 
    I'm a young belgian student (21) with a true discovered passion for food and cooking. So much i tell my parents, family and friends that they make me more happy by asking me to cook for them, rather than to cook for me ;) .

    I experiment a lot in the kitchen, and one of my favourite dishes to make at the end of the week as a student is pasta in the oven with all the leftover vegetables from that week with some herbs and spices. I often find though that pastadishes that go into the oven tend to come out dry sometimes, even though they're moist enough before they go in. I tried to let the liquid from the vegetables reduce less in the pot before i put them in an oven tray, but that sometimes comes out as a little pool of liquid at the bottom of my dish.

    What's the secret to a 'perfectly moist but not too much' oven pasta dish?

    Thanks in advance ;)

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    1. You may need to add more tomato sauce, and/or béchamel and /or cream.

    2. You can also try broilng the pasta to obtain a nice gratin without drying the pasta.

    3. Remember you don't need 'al dente' pasta for pasta al forno.
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