Pasta for Chinese noodles ?

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I don't recall ever making Chinese noodles in all of my 55 years of cooking. So, because I live in Mexico, and Chinese fresh noodles are not available, I was wondering if I could use linguini instead ? Many recipes on the www, of course, but which spice/seasoning would you recommend ? I plan on using either chicken or pork matchsticks, carrots and green onions. Any other tip would be much appreciated. thank you
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Hello Phatch, Those "lazy noodles" look excellent. I plan on trying a variety of different fresh leafy vegetables: cabbage, romaine, even lettuce as well as spinach. and I'm sure I'll be using chicken or pork "matchsticks". Though this recipe will be new to me, I get the impression that the variety of ingredients is almost endless. Anyone else who wants to put in any advice, it would be most welcome.
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Can you get Ramen with the spice pack you throw away? Or maybe rice noodles.
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If you are looking for noodles to use in ramen or some other Asian soup, you can use pasta. Simply add a tbsp or so of baking soda to the water and cook as usual. The baking soda will firm up the noodles so they will hold up better in the hot broth. Use spaghetti or linguine for best results.

You can also make your own alkaline noodles. The internet is awash with the recipes.

Good luck! :)
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If you don't want to make your own noodles, I would probably go with angel hair or vermicelli size. As far as seasonings, some of the typical flavors of the Asian region are are soy, ginger, Fish sauce, garlic, green onion, etc.etc.

search for "Pho"

Is this an experiment at home or a special at your restaurant?
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I am long since retired. So, it will be an at home experiment. Also, the dish I have in mind uses a much thicker noodle than Ramen, so that will not work for me. PS: I did not know that adding baking soda to the boiling water would keep the noodles firmer. great tip ! I think I'll 1st try using linguini

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