Pasta Extruder: Beginning Recipes

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Greetings Chefs,

I'm helping to open a new Roman Italian restaurant and although I have experience with fresh hand rolled pastas, I don't have any experience with pasta extruders.  We have a beautiful Emiliomiti extruder with numerous bronze dies.  The guys I'm working with have already begun making extruded pasta but they are simply using duram and semolina with egg and water.  I was under the impression that extruded pasta has virtually no egg.  Also, I'm used to using Caputo 00 flour for hand rolled pasta.  Does anyone have experience in the extruded pasta world and have a basic, BASIC, recipe for long pasta like spaghetti/bucatini or tubed pasta like paccheri/rigatoni? A colleague at Marea in NYC says White uses 4 flours for all the pasta but different recipes for each type.  Exhausting.
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