Pasta Cooking IContest -- Ideas?

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I bartend at a neat little bar where we've started holding fun but SUPER casual cooking contests.  We've had the typical Chili contest, soup/stew, baked bean, bloody mary...we even had a Spamorama where contestants could make anything they wanted as long as it contained Spam.  /img/vbsmilies/smilies/cool.gif   All entries are cooked at home and brought up to the bar (usually in crockpots) where they are tasted by anyone and everyone who wants to judge, and then voted on after 2 hours.  Anyhow, we have a contest next weekend I'm excited to enter.  It's a Pasta contest.  

Since these are peer judged, it's typically your average Joe who is doing the tasting, and it seems a good majority of people are turned off by anything that is too creative, or too "out there."  For example, for the Spam contest, the winner made baked beans with spam, and second place, I kid you not, was the nastiest "prison pizza" which had ramen noodles, spam, fritos...I can't even go on.  A pizza chef from a local restaurant entered a bad ass Hawaiian pizza, one guy made some great fried rice, I made Maple Spam glazed (homemade) donuts (I got third, which surprised me given the conservative tasters)...Anyhow, I want to do something GOOD for this one.  Something unique (I've already heard talks of Mac & Cheese, Manicotti, the usual stuff you would expect) but not so wild that people don't even want to try it.  I make a smoked chicken lasagna that would fit that bill, but I don't know how to keep it hot and fresh with an hour commute and 4 hours from the time I arrive till the judging is over.  

Who's got some ideas for this one?  Even if it is something unconventional and wild, I wanna hear it.  Doesn't need to be easy, I want to put love into it.  Let's hear it!  And thanks in advance!

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