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What are some good brands for organic pasta without eggs?

My favorite is Garden Time, but I have a hard time finding it in local stores.

I'd like to know if there are others people recommend.

I know I'm not going to make my own, so I just need to find a few good ones that I can buy in a store.  I've tried several of the brands at Whole Foods, but haven't liked any of them.  Garden Time is only available at co-ops which are a good 25-30 miles from where I live.
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resurfacing this old thread to ask the exact the same question.
I recommend Garofalo and Rummo.

I don't love pasta Barilla, and the barilla for the USA market has a lower quality than Barilla for the italian market

But if you want the top of the pasta you should try "Setaro" or Cav. Giuseppe Cocco.

The last 2 are expensive, but are a lot better than other pastas you can find in USA
Thanks for the advice!

Agree about Barilla. In Italy it is considered relatively low end. Back when I was a kid in the 80's I found a cockroach in a bag of Barilla penne.

De Cecco is one step up, along side Voiello. But they overcook if you don't eat them immediately after draining.

A few weeks ago in an Italian restaurant, I was pleasantly surprised to eat GOOD pasta, cooked to perfection, from a BUFFET, which I did not think was possible, and I'm now looking for something better than De Cecco.

I'll try Garofalo, Rummo, Setaro and Giuseppe Cocco.

Talk soon!
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I buy De Cecco all the time and have no issues with it.  Great taste, great texture, never mushy, or gummy.  I cook to el dente and finish in my sauce.
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