Pasta + arugula + olive oil?

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    Visited a friend this past week whose sister has a fine Italian restaurant. One of the many dishes served was simple and delicious--essentially the title + some cheeses. Her pasta was homemade and she suggested that I use linguine.

    My friend's wife served her 'knock off' and although it was a far stretch from the real deal, it was still good. I'm looking to make the knock off better :) now that I'm home.

    Here's where I could use some help. When sauteeing the finely chopped garlic how do you know the temperature and time so that the garlic doesn't get over cooked? What are you looking for in the color of the garlic?

    In determining how much olive oil to use in the sauteeing, is that amount just for the garlic and arugula and then more is added for the sauce for the pasta or do you start off with enough for all? If for all, is there a rule of thumb for amount?

    Is the Romano and Parm always added after the cooking is complete?

    P.S. I've become a whiz at pan frying Talapia and am now ready to extend my repertoire and add a thicker fish.

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