party trays

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Can someone help me find information on how to make meat and cheese trays like the delis do.
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HUm.....I'm not sure you'll find that example exactly in a book (chef books do a little fancier presentations). But the grocery stores near my home all have full color photos showing their deli trays. Couldn't you pick one up (a brocure) and attempt to copy what they've done?

You basicly line a tray with lettuce. Then you roll up your meats and cheese on a tray. Then you build your tray by stacking up the items in wedge shaped portions to fill out the tray shape. Then you can come back and add pepercini's or sport peppers....or any pretty cut vegetables for accents.

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You're right, WDeBord, The brochures are what I used to learn to do beautiful deli or vegetable platters. The possibilities are endless, and fun!:)
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