Part time classes - are they credible?

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    Hi there, i am a 24 year old male and i am thinking about taking some part time/evening culinary classes to achieve something on paper that says i have some qualifications, but i am wondering are these very credible when looking for a job??

    I have worked in restaurant kitchens in the past, i started as a KP... and over time worked my way up and learnt how to do prep work, season, and garnish various types of seafood (it was a seafood restaurant) ..... but i then broke my wrist and was in plaster for 4 months and got laid off. I am now in another job, which to be honest with you is okay.....but i don't enjoy it enough to say i wanna do this for a long time......where as my time spent working in kitchens i can safely say i LOVED it.

    So at 24 years old, someone who has a passion for food, would you say it's a realistic goal to ''study formally'' and then progress into making a career of it? I am a very resilient person and i like a challenge so my mental mindset isn't an issue, but i am just wondering if perhaps it's overly ambitious to start out a new career at my age with no formal qualifications... simply on the job experience?

    Sorry this is a little drawn out.... any opinions or views would be much appreciated, thanks everybody!
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    Starting a new career at 24?  That doesn't even count.  Not everyone knows exactly what they want to do with their life from their teen years on.

     I didn't start in the culinary field until later than that and it didn't hurt me.  There are much more important factors to your success than whether you take the classes or not.  Motivation is one.  This topic has come up before and it is so hard to answer.  For me, classes were very helpful and even several years later, I still think it was a great investment for me.  However, many people succeed without them and it doesn't make financial sense in every situation.  It can depend on where you want to go with your culinary career, how well you can learn things on your own and what your personal financial situation is.  Just feel confident that whichever path you choose can lead to success.
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    Learning should be constant and never stop. Adult Ed classes are in many cases better then day school, Everyone can learn from them. You will relate to them bettr because you have been exposed to the kitchens alredy.