parsley,Sage,Rosemary and Thyme

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Let's create...

1 App
1 Entree
1 Dessert

Using those four herbs somewhere in the recipe.
Then match your courses with what wine you think would work.
Anything goes...Have fun
;) :D
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A tart within a tart. The shells made from almond tuiles with a touch of rosemary.

The larger of the two is filled with rosemary and thyme poached apricots, and sprinkled with caramelized slivered almonds. The next tuile goes inside, and is filled with thyme flavored cream. A sprig of thyme and a few more almonds.

On the plate, tiny cubes of jellied sauternes, and sage syrup.

Well, I'm not too good with vintage years, but I'd try a good Sauternes with this, or Tokai.
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Since parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme composes a love potion, how about this romantic dinner?

Chevre buttons marinated in parsley, thyme, EV olive oil (very fruity) and sun dried tomatoes.

Grilled boneless pork chops with a vinaigrette-type glaze of black currants, sage, roasted shallots and red plums.
Sides of wilted baby braising greens and soft gorgonzola polenta.

Lemon-rosemary granita served in a lemon cup with almond and cocoa nib lace cookies.
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OH man you guys are good!!!
parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme

spring greens with parsley lemon dressing olive oil and poached garlic,
asparagus and nastursiums

Spring poulet with stuffed morels (morel duxelle with thyme) Braised green garlic,
Sage in a fougasse bread stuffing....
Reduction of chicken stock for sauce...
Baby spinach with a touch of cream to finish the plate....oh yeah thyme and sage as garnish also

Rosemary...ok, this may be totally off the wall....rosemary ground into a flour used in
a short pastry, caramel pastry cream, fresh orange sections and candied orange zest with
a rosemary hint in a caramel sauce on the plate. Not stuck with oranges could use another fruit, just not clear what that would be......only on the first cup of coffee.

Light red or bodied white
Grand Marnier

Say cc can we play with spring herbs next time please?
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Hi Kokopuffs....

What would you suggest instead of sautern? you have any input on the topic of this thread?
Looking forward to your ideas.

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Wait a sec...

I thought I misunderstood the concept, meaning I only did a dessert, when I was supposed to do several courses. I don't think there's anything sacriligious about sauternes aspic either.

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verbena, tarragon, garlic chives, pineapple mint.....

Grilled shrimp marinated with soy, garlic and ginger...served with pineapple bits, pineapple mint, red pepper flakes, red onion, red pepper....salsa if you will the mint as a garnish

Veal blanquette with tarragon and cippione onions, carrots, parsnips, haricot verte, peas on a bed of soubise with garlic chives added at the end

Light green salad,
cheese course with french goat, sheep and cows milk hot brioche toast, bosc pears, crisp apples

Lemon verbena chopped into a butter cookie dough...candied lemon zest sorbet with a light citrus syrup, cookie on the side...think I got enough lemon in this one...

white bordeaux
Tea (lemon would be overkilll so maybe Earl Grey)
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Shroom...Everything sounds so good!
May I comment on the wine? The Champange might have a battle with the complex flavores of the shrimp course. I might think about a Chard or vignorer with tropical fruit notes. Then I would introduce a lighter style red with the veal, Perhaps a Fluire? That would also carry through the salad course. Perhaps for the dessert I would lean towards a vin santo or boytritis wine.The lemon and syrup cry out for it.I love port! But I would see itself better suited to chocolate or cooked red or black fruits.Does this make sense ?
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I like this kind of topic.

Seared maple-glazed foie gras with apple-bacon-sage chutney and baby greens with hazelnut vinaigrette. Crisp-fried sage leaves for garnish.
Wine is sauternes

Red-wine braised short ribs cooked with lots of whole rosemary, thyme, bay leaf, carrots, cippoline onions. Use good cabernet, reduce, puree, strain the braising liquid. Serve on soft polenta with smoked provolone.
Pick a good hearty red wine.

i wish i was having this for dinner.

for dessert--chocolate. no herbs.

thanks for such a fun topic,cc

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OK. I guess I'll try and take a stab at it! Although I don't have much experience with wine pairing. Let me know if I'm doing ok with the pairing!!!!!!!

App.- Cold Smokey Tomato Soup Flavored w/ tarragon, thyme and chipotle . Garnished with a salad of crabmeat, smoked sweet corn, cilantro, parsley and sour cream.
Beverage: How about a Riesling?

Entree- Herb Crusted Veal Chop: Crusted with a mixture of parsley, rosemary, garlic chives, sage, kosher salt and black pepper. Served with a chunky pear glaze flavored with veal stock, Roasted red potatoes with parmasan, sauteed green beans.
Beverage: A Merlot?

Dessert:- Yellow Butter Cake (2 layers) filled with a verbeana-pineapple filling, and iced with a Ganache flavored with the Pineapple mint served with some raspberry or strawberry puree.
Beverage: Port wine?

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salad of parsley, roasted quail, marinated mediterranean vegetables and mesclun with a red wine vinegar,thyme and pesto vinaigrette.

Saltimbocca stack of grilled turkey breast, proscuitto, sage, blanched potato discs, garnished with wilted english spinach.

Pannacotta of rosemary with pears and apples poached in red wine.

not too sure about the wine.

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Dinner with my wife:
Any App
Any Entre
Any Dessert
One Candle
Simon & Garfunkle on the CD player

Anyone know of a good babysitter?
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Here goes, an Israely-Italian dinner. I chose beers instead of wines to match:

Grilled Tuna and Cherry Tomatoes Kababs Skewered on Rosmery Sprigs with a Pool of Parslied Tahini

Hoegraarden Speciale Bie're Blanche Dore'e
Entree: Calve's Liver Saute'ed in Sage Butter with Fava Bean Ravioli and Suger Snap Peas

Eldridge Pope 1994 Thomas Hardy's Ale
Thymed Honey-Yougurt PanaCota served over Apples cooked in White Wine

De Dolle Brouwers' Oerbier
After this dinner you'll need a bath. Make an infusion of Lavender, Rosemary, Verbena and Oregeno. Add this to your bath tub. Ahhh, the good life.

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I like your post,only I would try not to repeat the same main ingrediant in more than one course i.e pineapple salsa and pineapple mousse.

I like the first course..althought it's southwest meets hawaii meets the middle east. maybe sub jicama for the pineapple and use blue corn chips instead of pita,then you will be using items assosiated with a particular regien

Sharhar...very creative!!!

Pool of tahini?
do you finish it with a broth or such to give it a liquid appeal? or are you spooning it out on the plate and flatning it out with a spoon?

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