Paring knife uses

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Peel potatoes. Make mashed potatoes.

Peel apples. Make apple pie or tart

Peel grapes. Hand feed to your lover. If not possible, feed to self. Enjoy!
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Almost anything really I'm amazed at how often I grab for my paring knives.  Just start using it it'll come to you  /img/vbsmilies/smilies/wink.gif
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Peel onions

Peel garlic

Peel apples

Peel citrus to get a nice piece of zest, for example for a cocktail or to infuse in a braising liquid

Halve avocados, mangoes...

Remove membranes inside bell peppers

Remove stems from tomatoes

Cut off florets from cauliflower, broccoli

Remove fat/gristle from a small piece of meat

Testing potatoes for doneness

Testing cakes for doneness

Unmolding cakes

In a pinch, cutting parchment paper, cutting packages open, remove stickers from fruits, cut up something directly on top of the pot...

My wife does all her cooking with a paring knife. 
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Wow thanks all. I guess I don't know what I've been missing. I do everything with a small and large santoku knife.
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I guess I don't know what I've been missing. 
You've not necessarily missed anything. I think most of us get used to one knife for some reason or another, and develop the skills to do what's needed with whatever knife we use. 

Lately I've been a bit lazy about sharpening my knives, but I did sharpen my boning knife. The result? I end up using my boning knife for everything. It's kinda silly, but until I sharpen my dull chef knife and my dull paring knife, the sharp boning knife is the one that gets the job done. 

ready freddy

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Hey koukouvagia, could I ask why you chose that name? Is it your name? Tell me to hush up if I am being to nosy :D
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french fries french fries I know what you mean because I can do anything with my knife. But I can imagine that removing stems from tomatoes and ribs from peppers would be a lot easier with a paring knife!

ready freddy ready freddy I named myself after a Cretan dish. The word also means "owl" which is my favorite bird.
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I have been told by several chefs that the two tools you will use the most is a chefs knife and a paring knife. I have never liked using using my paring knife however, always reach for my petty knife instead. I am a big advocate of the right knife for the job and use several for the station I work the most at work. petty knife for brunoise, peeling onions, chefs knife for daily prep, slicer for cooked meats, and bread for bread. all and all my knife preferences change often but the paring knife is the knife I omit from my bag more than any other knife I have ever owned.
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