Paper Hat Rant

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Stupid paper hats, I can't take it anymore! Always getting blown off in the air curtain, falling in my stock, taking a dive in the deep fry, too small for my fat head, getting knocked off by the ^[email protected]#[email protected]^!!! vent hood, fastening tape dissolving in the sweat of my brow, never lasting the full shift, one dollar a fricking pop!
I hate you paper hat...
from walk-in's heart I stab at thee,
from line's heat I spit at thee!

SOB :cry: Why won't they let us use cloth touqes?!?

Joined Oct 28, 1999
Well, why won't they? They can be washed... and they are not terribly expensive. Also, they stay put when you use the velcro closure. :chef:
Joined Oct 16, 2004
Oh ya, me too! Big pet peeve, especially the hat hitting the hoods.

Wasn't made for people over 6'2

Eventually, I got one of those cloth, Frenchie ones, that kinda looks like a beret :D LOL
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They are good for one thing: a chef I used to work for once got so mad at a cook, he didn't even say anything. He swept the paper hat off, crumpled it up and threw it on the floor in front of the cook and glared at him. It was very effective.

At my last job I had to wear one that was open at the top; one of the cooks would take pieces of pop-up foil and try to make baskets in it.

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