Panini Press Recommendations...

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Just opened a cafe that serves panini from 11-4. We're currently doing about 30 to 40 panini. We bought 2 warrings that have a 14x14 griddle. We are not quite in our busy season yet & have only been using 1 press. It WAS working great, but 2 months in the top plate stopped heating. We unpacked the second press to get us through the week, only to discover the second (brand new press) is not getting hot enough. Warring says to send them back to them, but we need a press ASAP and don't want to buy another warring. ANY recommendations on a press that can keep up?
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We had similar issues. Another thing is that the waring line really doesn't get enough power to effectively make paninis on a regular basis. You may want to check Restaurant Depot for something commercial grade or look on line for a used one. (I believe the more serious ones require a 208V plug, but it's totally worth it!)
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