Panelle ????

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I have been trying to make Panelle multiple times. No matter how much I cook down the flour, my fritters don't come out right. They cook on the outside and stay uncooked and mushy on the inside. And they pick up lots of oil. Sometimes they actually blow up, and I lose the inside. I f anyone has experience making them I would love to hear what you are doing.

I am using a three to one ratio of water to flour.
I keep it on a medium flame moving quickly once it starts to thicken I turn it with a spatula until it starts to pull loose from the pot, then I spread it out cut it.
I fry them north of 350 dg in canola oil?
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Are you talking about the fritters made from chuck pea flour? If so, the recipes I'm seeing use no wheat flour, and boil the chick pea flour like polenta. This is then spread onto a parchment lined cookie sheet and allowed to cool. One cooled, it's cut into squares, and served with lemon wedges. I hope that helps.

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