Pam Amb Toma Quet - Brunch Starter or Breakfast in Catalonia

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    Painter and artist Leopold Pomés has made this simple breakfast canapé remarkably popular since 1884 in Empordá, Girona on Costa Brava. Since that time, it has spread throughout the Iberian Peninsula.

    4 servings ...

    8 thick slices of bread of choice

    4 ripe tomatoes

    100g Jabugo Ham ( Navidul 7 slices are 1 Euro ); one can use Proscuitto d´ Palma  

    100g Buttifarra ( a Catalonian cold cut meat )

    a shot glass of olive oil

    2 cloves minced garlic

    pinch of salt to taste

    1) mortar and pestle --- pound 2 cloves of garlic that have been minced and add salt

    2) pour oil very slowly into the garlic

    3) reserve this mixture

    4) cut the tomatoes in half and heat bread in oven

    5) take the tomatoes and blend with electric mixer with a bit of oil

    6) then, take 2 more garlic cloves and mince in separate bowl and take 1 glass of oil and BEAT WITH FORK ... this shall create Ali Oli --- a mayonaise type emulsion

    7) Spread the tomato concoction on 1 side of bread and then top with the ali oli and the cold cut charcuterie ...

    Serve with Espresso or a Light Beer of choice or a Cava ...