Pairing a salad with teriyaki salmon??

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I'm very new to cooking, therefore, I have very little knowledge about what should or shouldn't go together.

I want to try making teriyaki salmon this weekend for friends. I plan on making roasted potatoes (garlic and dill) and possibly aspargus.

I would also like to make a salad a greek yogurt waldorf salad I made last week that was amazing! I'm just not sure if all those flavors will go together?


Thank you!!
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Hi Megan, welcome to cooking. When I first started cooking I did the same as you, I just made dishes that I liked and knew I could make well. You're ahead of my because I never even gave thought to "do these dishes go together?" So kudos to you for putting this to thought.

The short answer to your question is that all these dishes can be served and it will work just fine. The bottom line is to make something you are comfortable making and doing so will propel you to branch out and make more dishes down the line.

Now to tweak your menu a little. Like I said sticking to your plan will work out well and your friends will appreciate you for it. But here is how I would think about it. I like to cook in a way that features one part of the world. So if I were making teriyaki salmon I would steer the sides to be more Asian inspired. For example I would serve a rice dish, maybe a fluffy white rice or vegetable fried rice, or perhaps a stir fried rice noodle. As a salad dish I would serve thinly sliced cabbage and carrot with a ginger dressing, or perhaps a peanut soy sauce dressing.

On the other hand if you're more excited about showcasing your beautiful Waldorf salad then I would think about a slightly different preparation for the salmon. Perhaps simply roasted with a Dijon crust, or pan seared with butter and Rosemary, or poached in a flavorful vegetable stock. Any of these would also go well with your potato side. Asparagus is a perfect dish to serve now because it is in season! May I suggest placing in shallow roasting sheet, drizzle ever so slightly with olive oil and salt/pepper and roast at 400 for 10 min. So easy and elegant.

So to my tastes teriyaki and Waldorf salad don't complement each other much and I wouldn't think to serve them together. But I would happily eat and enjoy them if they were served to me by my friend. Just have fun with it!
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