painting on cookies

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I'll be doing heart shaped cookies for my sisters wedding shower, dipped in white chocolate. I'm wanting to paint on them. What can I use that's edible and that will be easy to paint dainty flowers with?
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I haven't tried painting on chocolate, but coloring paste thinned with vodka works on fondant. If you try it out on chocolate, please post your results!
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you could try to paint with thinned out white chocolate with cocoa butter and colored with powder colour or colored chocolate thinned with shortening.

paste colour and framboise or lemon extract works well and could work on the chocolate but try it first before committing.

You can also use Magic Markers filled with food colour, you buy them empty and fill to use.

airbrushing is also a cool option........

or pipe on flowers with coloured white chocolate.....

have fun.:bounce:
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You can also use luster or pearl dusts mixed with lemon extract, almond extract, or everclear. The extracts look the nicest but leave a taste behind. The everclear works better than vodka because it evaporates quicker.

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