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Afternoon all,

Now I have been a Chef for thirty years or so, working in Silver service ,ViP all the way down to feeding the homeless, teaching and mentoring young chefs and teaching in classrooms.Food has been my passion since a young age , at present Im working on a holiday park feeding around 300 to 900 guests a night .The rest of the kitchen staff are half my age and I run all evening like a mad man, now my joints are aching like mad and I still feeel like Im running in my frikking sleep.Any tips to ease the joint aches around my knees?

I keep myself fit and workout but sheesh do I feel the agro of this pain.
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Yea that is a problem in this industry. There are going to be a ton of suggestions for you, you can also look up other threads about this subject to see what others have done. 

What I have done is get anti fatigue mats in the kitchen as well as get pressure socks and anti fatigue shoes for your feet. The pressure socks work wonders. If it is your knees that feel the brunt of everything I would add on top of what I just suggested a bandage called kinesiology tape.....its freaking amazing and will help with the soreness. When you get home from work I would get an epsom bath in to relieve the bodies well. 

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