Packers vs. Steelers: what's your take on the Super Bowl?

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There is nothing wrong with me. I'm a BEAR fan, I seriously dislike the Packers. Now just like a whole lot of other times, you have read way more into what I said than was really there. Did I say "maimed" or "crippled"?. NO. Did I say I wanted to see a career-ending injury? NO. Was I at all upset to see Woodson out of the game? No. That is part of the game. Boo-Hoo. I've just gone through 2 weeks of hearing about the Bears' QB Jay Cutler not being a real player, not having any toughness, blah blah yatta yatta, after a game-ending injury. 

I have no idea if you know anything about this game, but it's a very painful memory for me, a BEAR fan. 

In a 1986 game against the Green Bay Packers, [QB Jim] McMahon sustained a season ending injury when defensive lineman Charles Martin grabbed him from behind and body-slammed him to the ground on his previously injured shoulder (after McMahon had passed the ball for an interception and officials had turned their attention downfield).

There was no reason for this, both players were well away from the play, and would have no further impact on it's outcome. It ended McMahon's season. I seriously dislike the Packers. I don't like the Vikings either. I really hate the Red Wings and I can't stand the Mets. I'm a sports fan, a Chicago sports fan.

I'm sorry if you didn't care for what I had to say. I'm sorry being that you are a moderator that you didn't just have the courtesy to ask me in a PM to edit my post. That I would have done very quickly. I'm also sorry that since you asked me publicly if there was anything wrong with me that I had to make this post now. 
There was no reading into it on my part. You said injured, a term which includes all the specific terms you just laid out. Even if it didn't, it doesn't say much for you that you would wish any type of harm upon someone over a game. Personally, I don't want to see injuries. I want my team to win against the best the other team has to offer.

As far as the moderator thing goes, you didn't say anything that disagrees with Cheftalk's posting guidelines. I disagreed with it independently of Cheftalk rules and it would have been an abuse of my status as a moderator to edit your post or ask you to do so.

I agree with you on the Cutler issue, though. It's incomprehensible to me that someone would think that he came out of an NFC championship game for anything other than good reason.
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Christina Aguilera stunk.

Note to pop singers-more notes do not make for a better song. Leave the vocal hysterics out of it and get the lyric right.
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A long time ago I saw Frank Sinatra on a TV talk show. He was asked why he always held his hat down in front of him when he sang the anthem. He respose was, "It's simple, I've got the words in there. I'm not going to get them wrong". The Star Spangled Banner is not an easy song to sing properly. The key trick is to just sing it out strong and don't mess with it. I really can't stand singers who's egos are so much bigger than their skill-set. Don't act like every time is an audition for American Idol.
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That was the sorriest, most egotistical  rendition of the National Anthem I have ever heard.

The reviews, today, of the commercials were uniformly negative, too. Unfunny, hard to follow and, in several cases, pretty coarse.

Considering I was rooting for the Stillers, the whole evening was pretty much a bust.  But, I stuck it out to the bitter end.

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My husband and I don't normally watch sports at all, but we enjoyed watching the game. We didn't like the commercials (well, there were one or two we did- but they must have been forgettable), I didn't like the rendition of the national anthem (I'd prefer "America the Beautiful" be our anthem as it's about the natural beauty of the land, not about a battle).

Our friends had a good time at our home. We'll do it again next year WHEN THE PACKERS GO TO SUPERBOWL XLVI!!!!!

If they don't make it, we'll be doing something else on a quiet Sunday evening.
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I'd prefer "America the Beautiful" be our anthem as it's about the natural beauty of the land, not about a battle.
Gotta agree with you there Mezzaluna. I love that song, especially how the lyric seems to be  a prayer for the preservation of all that is good and beautiful in our county and its people and for those ideals that we all strive to embody. Plus, just about anybody can sing it without shrieking on the high notes.

I love the honest-to-goodness country itself, and its people, not the scrap of fabric that represents as an icon. I also don't love the way many people abuse that icon in the name of patriotism. 

For one, take it down when the sun goes down ad don't allow it to get dirty, faded and shredded. 
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