Packaging Seafood for Mailing????????

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Does anybody know the regs for packaging seafood to mail overnight?

The case scenario is this...

Got a good line on scallops off a boat in NJ, really good product and I can have them the day the ship comes in...

For them to ship it to me would throw the cost out of the window, but they said if I could have someone pick them up that I could have them for the quoted price.

So I found someone there that will pick them up and send them to me.

Here is specifically what I am looking for...
What type of packaging container and any websites that may carry these packages. I get soy product samples from a company in VA packaged in a nice thick styrofoam boxes and the products are packed in dry ice. Where do I get them from and are there specifics in the regs evolved around seafood?

The ship has the capability to IQF, but I really don't want to go that route...

Ideas, suggestions, websites?

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