Package corned beef

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Surrounded by a slightly thick liquid is okay. Being slimy is not. Hope you can tell the difference.
Sometimes it can still smell good but will taste sour.
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It's brined - ok it's pickled and that leaches collagen out of the meat so yes it has a viscous (slimy to some) which is part of why it needs rinsing in several changes of water. The other is to get the salt off the surface. Do that and you should be fine.

Semantically one persons slime is another persons viscosity IMHO - YMMV.
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Most of the meats that are vacuum packed generally have a wash of Sulfur or Sulfites as a preservative. Rinse well in warm water to wash, then check for any smell...
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My two cents. If spoiled, it's usually obvious. When you open the cryovac packaging, you should know immediately by the smell. Not a weak or faint smell, either. The kind of smell rinsing doesn't wash off.
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