PacBell Park: anything good to eat there?

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My good-eater husband, Paul, will be in San Francisco the week after next. On Tuesday night (8/19) he will be going to a ballgame at PacBell. Is there anything yummy and/or unusual that he can get there? (He does shy away from fried foods, and he will be with a friend who is very unadventurous wrt food.) Or, if not, is there anywhere near the park that's good for a quick dinner before or after the game?

All suggestions will be gratefully considered. :D
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Keeping in mind that the food there is ballpark food, and should be judged relative to other fast food, I'd recommend a polish dog wth lots of mustard. And a cold micro-brew. It's hard to beat a hot polish and a cold beer on a sunny day at the game.

The garlic fries seem to be the park novelty, and they are quite popular. I'll give them a try next time.

The traffic getting out of the lot can be horrible, especially with the seemingly endless roadwork going on. I'd recommend not making a dining reservation if your husband is plannig to dine directly after the game.
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Although I live in SF I have never been to Pac Bell Park. (I don't do the whole sports thing:) )
However, I do know that there is lots of good food (other than the typical ball park fast food) to be had. Pricey, but good. It's caled "gourmet" but I can't vouch for that.
Also, in the immediate area around the park there is an abundance of good eating places. Many of them came into being at the same time as the ball park.
A few blocks north of the park on 2nd Street between Harrison and Folsom Streets is an upscale Mexican place called Aztec that is worth a visit.

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Thanks for the replies. He's about to take off in about 10 minutes, heading out there. He and his friend will probably try to eat at 21st Amendment, rather than at the park. His friend is the kind who thinks The Olive Garden is a great restaurant, so he can get a burger, and Paul can get grilled calamari. :lips:

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