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I recently had steamed oysters served with drawn butter. They were edlicious. How do you steam them? Does one have to shuck them before steaming or does the steaming open them? How does one prepare them for steaming?
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Very easy! No need to shuck: the cooking will cause them to open (just as when grilling them). Make sure they're all tightly closed. Scrub them clean. Place flat-side UP on a rack over a nice court bouillon, cover the pot, and steam them until they open. Remove very carefully, so that you don't spill any of the juices. Yum.

You may have to do them in several batches, since you'll want to eat them right away and unless you have a HUGE steamer, you'll be limited in how many you can do at one time. But the time will be worth it. (And I'm ususally a purist who prefers them raw with just lemon juice!):lips: :lips: :lips: :lips:
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Dear Suzanne, Thanks for the info about oysters. I do believe that the restaurant that served the steamed oysters used the microwave to steam them. What do you think? Also, What do you know about 'boiled peanuts? I had them @ this same place. Very delicious, kind of spicy.
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Oh Yes, it's the time of year for boiled peanuts again, isn't it? It means that freshly dug peanuts are coming to market. In my experience, boiling is the only way my father (a peanut fiend) prepares them. He rinses them to get any remaining dirt off and then brings them to a boil in a pot of water. He seasoned only with salt in the boiling water. He boiled them until they got to a nice tender texture. They are particularly sweet tasting. I ate them even though I didn't love them. But I bet seasoning the liquid with other aromatics yields delicious results. But once, a co-worker (when I was still working in an office) boiled dried raw peanuts in shell. I remember that they were soaked for 24 hours prior to boiling. They never took on that soft texture that fresh peanuts take on, though, and didn't taste as good.
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Another nice way to do the steamed oysters is to shuck them first and top them with finely shredded ginger (and chilli if you like it). Steam, and then put a few drops of soy sauce in them and some fresh coriander on top.
I just found reference to chinese boiled peanuts that are boiled in brine before eating. Not sure what sort of brine you would use, but i imagine that if you boiled them in a little water with soy, chilli and sugar, when they were drained and cooled they would be spicy and yummy.
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Have been buying boiled peanuts in the Asian markets here for several weeks. $1.00 a bag - bag is about the size one-pound carrots come in. Big hint - don't let them cool off! Gobble them down while they're still warm. Somehow this accentuates the salt - also your fingers will taste better when you lick them off!!

We get lovely steamed oysters in a couple of Chinese seafood restaurants here. They shuck them, saving the juices, steam with shreds of scallion and ginger. When cooked, they flash them with hot oil, then garnish with a dab of Sriracha hot chili sauce and add a couple sprigs of cilantro. Primo!!
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