Oysters: For Better, Or Worse!!!!

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Hello everyone, What are some of your favorate oysters in the months without the "R"?
I like Fanny Bay, Quelacine, Sunset Beach, and Malaspina. Do any of you have local grown?
There is a restaurant Pasadena, California called "Clearwater Seafood" that has them as I write this. Very good food.
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The town I grew up in "Norwalk CT" was the Oyster capital of the USA for most part of the 20th century until about the early 70s.
Unfortunatly the long island sound has gone through many series of hydipole (sp)that has damaged the ability to bed oysters. The oysters were very similar to blue point or malapecs. My favorite oyster here on the east coast is the wellfleet from the outer cape.Medium size,sweet and briny at the same time , easy slurping :)
The whole Northeast has a fantastic assortment of Oysters and shellfish,mollusks etc.It's a great place to live if you love seafood
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