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Im the new kitchen manager and my biggest issue it...

the owners son who has been cooking there longer than me, is a hot head and a master of excuses. hes got all the potential in the world but refuse's to apply himself. he has no problem ordering people around and no problem letting the customer suffer for his own ego...

NOBODY in the restaurant likes him and his parents are just starting to take notice

I've been vary nice trying to take his potentail and move it forward but as soon as im gone he becomes a total ***

do i confront him or his parents? and ask he be moved out of the kitchen...

im serious hes a desaster...
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Forgive me if I'm intruding, as my restaurant experience was years back, but what is his position at the restaurant? Do you have a higher level of responsibility now than he does?

If you do, maybe the owner is giving the son a message. Maybe they hope you can "guide" him to a better path.

If not, you still have to work with him in their restaurant, their investment, and I think the owners would want you to be up front with them. It might be tricky knowing what they expect you to do. With the promotion, maybe it's appropriate to ask them details of the working relationship they want you to have with him.
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Having a person like that in a restaurant is a total disaster and disturbing. It will drive down the luck of the restaurant. In a world of restaurant you must be very patient and you don't want to lose any costumer. It should be reported in order to maintain a proper restaurant etiquette. Having a boss with a hot headed is not a good example to the employer.
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