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    Hello everyone, I'm very happy to join your group again since have been absent for long time.This has been for sure, my site for consulting on topics about baking. I own a small bakery in my country and do my best in making good products which are homemade recipes, that's why  sometimes I need to consult about some  procedures.  My experience comes from reading and practicing myself through many years and will appreciate any help. 
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    Aloha, welcome BACK to Chef Talk!

    With over 40,000   45,000 members I think that you’ll be busy chatting, sharing and exchanging ideas with people from around the World.

    Now, don’t forget about us Home Cooks, we have plenty on the table every night!

    The Articles, Reviews and the Galleries are pretty fab; the Search Bar at the top of the page can show you topics that have been discussed previously, but you know all of this already, right?

    Give a shout in the Feedback & Suggestion forum if you need any help with the site itself, one of the experts will get back to you ASAP.

    Come back to visit as often as your time allows.

    Welcome back.