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I am going to intoduce collards to my menu.Until I start selling I need to find a way to make small quantities and heat up for the order.shall I cook and make small portions and microwave to the order.If you keep in the steam table it get discolored and waste at the end of the day
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You can cook what you think you will need for the day, and yes, I see nothing wrong with heating in the microwave to order. You could also reheat in a saute pan with a small amount of olive or other oil if your kitchen set up allows this. Don't discard any leftovers. You can freeze those and make caldo verde with them. Caldo Verde is a Portugese soup that normally calls for salsify, but collards work well in their place. There are several good recipes on the 'net for caldo verde including one from Emeril Legasse whose mother is Portugese and made the soup for her family.
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