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So tomorrow I have the owner putting on kitchen whites and doing a full day in the kitchen. He is bored out of his mind out front (he's a very hands on guy and loves the kitchen.. the other owner looks like he wants to puke as soon as he steps behind the line..lol) so... I cut two people from the schedule for tomorrow (before I posted the schedule last week) .. one because we were overstaffed and the other so the owner could come in. (this is as much a labour cost thing as it is a he hates the FOH and wants to be KM when they open their next location thing) I'm crossing my crossables that the day goes well. He did tell me that even though he is in the kitchen I am in charge and that feels kinda odd but I'll run it like I do any other day when the KM is not there. I'm betting the staff who are prone to slack are going to work their butts off and that is just funny because when he is not in the kitchen he is on the pass looking in and he KNOWS what goes on....
Sooo... should I make a killer prep and cleaning list to keep them moving? :laser:
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Nah, why help them look good? Let them struggle to try to look busy with nothing to do. More challenging for them and more fun for you to watch.
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As it turns out it was pretty slow and we didn't need him. I did send two people home early and he came in and helped on the line for a little while but that was pretty much all we needed him for.
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As long as he didn't mess anything up! :lol:

Owner of one of the places I worked at not long after finishing school had always just been out front. Knew nothing about the kitchen. Then he went to one of the local culinary schools (not the one I went to). Not long after he finished the program -- something like 9 months, maybe a certificate -- he decided he could/should be the exec chef of one of his places. Boy, was I glad I had moved on by then. :p
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I have him in again for Thursday and I am going to put him on prep as Friday is a school holiday and we are going to get smoked. He is good on the line too but I need a ton of prep done and if he and I do it we will be in good shape for Friday. He knew nothing about a kitchen until he and his partner went into business together and he has always been a hands on guy (former auto mechanic turned auto shop teacher) and he likes being busy. The chain trains their owners incredibly well and he can pretty much do anything we ask him to do. His partner is petrified of the kitchen but does really well out front and they do work well together. I have to say that they are the best people I have ever worked for.
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hey there,

what a paradox! bossing the boss. You have pointed out a HUGE contradiction that so many chefs face. I guess the inverse could be scary as well-a boss who thinks they are the chef-but what I have to say is-can't we all just get along?

definitely a huge prep sheet. definitely let them flounder with it and then swoop down and kill the tasks minutes before service....

long live the chef!

goodluck!-a busy new york chef
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I've worked for owners that were disasters in the kitchen! I'd say you got really lucky with your present gig.
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One of the owners is definitely a disaster in the kitchen and he knows it and stays well away from it. He's much better in the front of the house, and looks pretty scared when he has to come behind the line.
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