Own Restaurant - Cooking is Weakest link - would like to find Chef to take over as potential partner

Joined Mar 9, 2017
I have owned bed and breakfast, then café, expanded to tap room, now full restaurant in Annapolis Maryland (very foodie town). We are now a Brewery and looking at opening 3rd location. Doing well but would like to take menu to next level since our beers are so popular. Looking for a chef to partner with so that I can step back from kitchen and focus on brewing and distribution. Not sure where to look for potential investor that is hopefully a Chef - ready to rock and roll with a restaurant already up and running successfully. Please point me in the right direction to locate a Chef investor that has the passion for cooking, understands beer and boubon infusion, which would really help set Chesapeake Brewing Co. apart. We are the only brewery in the whole county and need to step up our menu to be just as good as our beers. -- Thanks for reading.
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