Overtime hours?

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Hey, I know that working in a kitchen typically entails working more hours than you get paid for, especially  when one is one salary, but I am going on my 11th day in a row today (and I will be working through the weekend, totalling the days to 14 in a row) and I am an hourly employee. Will i be making overtime for the 7th-14th day (as is the norm for labor laws) or should I just not bother asking? Thanks.
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First, there really isn't a norm for labor laws, not in the US anyway. Every state has different specific laws. Overtime here in Minnesota is figured by the hours you work within one week of your employers pay period. Once you go over 40 hours worked in 1 week, anything else worked that week is overtime. Working a string of days together doesn't necessarily have anything to do with overtime. It would all depend on the hours you worked on those days and where they fell in the pay period.
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