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i need some advice.. i am in the middle of trying to make selections for a new kitchen.. being only 5' tall- i was considering the gaggenau ovens with the side opening doors.. but after seeing them in person- the doors seem to me- not to be able to seal easily -nor do they seem as sturdy.. was this just a fluke??

is there another brand anyone could recommend?? is there a 27" oven with a shorter oven door??

i am considering having the oven floor installed at counter height.. (36")

i currently have g.e. profile dbl ovens- and it is sometimes very awkward putting things in the top oven..my arms are not that long..

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On the side opening ovens, the only other ones out there are made by Frigidaire, and they seem to be OK. On double ovens, you can certainly have them mounted lower (say with the lower oven being undercounter and the upper oven on top of the counter). You might also look at Gaggenau's 36-inch wide oven that the door flips down. I believe you can mount that undercounter and it's not that tall. Good luck, CMVnatural:chef:
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