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Greetings. I'm looking for an oven that will brown both sides of foccacia, preferably 4-6 half sheet pans. A proofer would be great too, possibly steam as well.
This is for a small batch backery. The restaurant came with a bakers oven with stone floor but it's on it's last leg. Cost prohibitive of refurbishing.
Any suggestions?
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I made focaccia pretty much everyday with a blodgett electric convection oven with good results. I remember picking up a used 4 rack proofer used for 300.00 that I had for years. Pretty sure you can pick up a used full sized blodgett or similar for 2 to 3000.00 ish. Advantage of electric is you don't need a hood (Canada) so you can roll it anywhere within the kitchen but I would recommend a 3 phase 220 volt though.
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If you want to go the convection oven route and want “ hearth baked” get some bbq tiles/ pizza stones and line a sheet pan with these, heat ‘ er up, and bake directly on top.

Try googling “ used bakery eqpt. “ for your area, there should be a bakery eqpt store nearby, you’ll have a lot more choice and much more knowledgeable people than with a restaurant supply store.

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