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Hey all,

I am starting a luncheonette in the NYC area.  I will be the manager, and the owner is pretty set on having bagels and getting them par baked.

I haven't dealt with par baked good so Im wondering if there is a particular oven type that should be used for par baked goods, particularly bagels.  I know convection is faster but is that bad for bagels?

I know that fresh delivered bagels are available all over nyc, and they will be very fresh in the morning, but it would be great to have fresh bagels for the later morning customers too.

We are a small store so I'm not looking to buy a full scale bakers bread oven since I don't think we'll be baking in that volume. 

If there is already a thread for this feel free to direct me.

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Convection should be fine.  Par baked goods are almost always fully baked, but with anemic colour, basically all you're doing is crisping them up and giving them a bit of colour.  
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