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    I started a bakery.

    I started small and I am using a regular home oven.

    The business has gone balistic (very happy) and the home oven is still doing fine but...

    As you probably know, I can only bake one layer of cookies at a time.  Otherwise the top layer won't brown on the bottom and the bottom layer doesn't look baked on top.  I currently bake 2 sheets at a time (side-by-side).  I tried one on top of the other but didn't like the result.

    I could cut my baking time in half if I buy a second oven and I plan to do so in the next couple of months.

    The decision I have to make is...

    Do I just buy a 2nd regular home oven (~$400) and cut my baking time from 6 hrs down to 3 hours and still bake only one layer at a time?


    Is a convection oven (~$1200) worth the price?  Meaning can I bake multiple layers of cookies in a convection oven?  I do like the idea of cutting my electricity use in half but I have never used one so I don't know if I can bake 4 sheets at once (2 on top and 2 on bottom) and all 4 turn out baked top and bottom.  I also don't have the option of trying one out b4 I buy one. 

    Can anyone tell me, first hand, about convection ovens... especially about baking multiple layers?

    Any advise?
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    I use a reasonably good quality home-convection oven and find that I can successfully bake 2 trays of cookies, but still need to swap their location (top to bottom) 1/2 way through the baking process. Also, tried a difficult shortbread cookie recipe once with only 1 sheet vs. 2 and found that I still got a better product with only one layer.

    What I wondered was if it was more the total load in the oven rather than position that was having a effect; possibly starting with the oven at 50-75 degrees higher to start, then lower the temp? Have meant to try this but you can only eat so many shortbread cookes at a go /img/vbsmilies/smilies/licklips.gif