Oven - Gas convection vs Electric convection?

Discussion in 'Cooking Equipment Reviews' started by jseputis, Dec 22, 2004.

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    Help! I need some professional advice. We are looking to purchase a 48" Wolf range with a gas cooktop but are unsure of wether to go with the Gas convection or Electric convection for our oven choice. I use my oven mostly for roasting, broiling and baking of entree items. Cookies are about the only things I bake as far as pastry or desert items go. Which fuel source would be better for my preferences and application? (Also, the gas convection is not self-cleaning is this a problem?) Thanks in advance for your help! :chef:
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    DO NOT BUY A GAS OVEN THAT IS NOT SELF-CLEANING. I have a Viking (bought in 1996) that has a gas convection oven. The oven is horrible to clean. :eek: The cooktop, however, cleans up in my kitchen sink.

    My next range will be dual fuel: electric convection oven, gas cooktop. I don't bake pastries much either, but I do roast meat, bake casseroles and other savory dishes. In other words, foods that spatter. I need a self-cleaning oven.