Oven changes due to elevation

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I just recently bought a Blodgett double stack gas oven for my store. There was a warning saying that if we are above 2000 ft elevation that we would need a technician to come in and adjust the oven. Well my store is at 4000 ft so I will need to make some adjustments but I don't know who to call.

1. What needs to be done to the OVEN (not the recipe) to produce the same cookies?
2. What type of technician should I call? Is this just a job for a regular handy man or do I need to call in a specialized person and if so, where could I find someone like that?

Thank you sooooo much! This is urgent!


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Any brand certified technician or repairman for the brand should be capable of doing the job. Check with your oven vendor they'll probably have a list of recommendations.
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At 4000ft the lesser oxygen in the atmosphere means that the oxygen/gas mix on your oven has to be tweaked. A technician from your local gas company can come do that.

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