Outdoor wood ovens - a portable one

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Recently joined Facebook to catch up with all my friends I haven't seen in years. Long story short, one of the guys I would cook with at Ren. Fair is going to this place today; http://www.mugnaini.com/lifestyle/events

They sell wood ovens and even have a portable one mounted on a trailer. He is going to learn some of the tricks involved with cooking in one. Looks pretty cool, thought I would share.
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I always liked this idea, and thought about it many times. Whats nice is the wood oven gets up to 600 to 700 degrees, and cooks thin crust Italian pizza in 2 minutes.............I have also looked at building my own, for back yard use.............nothing like a wood fire oven pizza, breads, calzone.........ChefBillyB
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Man those things look awesome!!!!!

But for me I just can't justify the price ... if I could make my own however .... well that's a different story all together  /img/vbsmilies/smilies/thumb.gif
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My wife and I are trying to take advantage of the great buyer's market in real estate, we will know in the next day or two if our offer was accepted on decent house with a pool in the back yard.  While there is many projects that have to be completed to make mama happy before I do anything special, I plan on building a wood fired pizza / bread oven in the backyard.  I am the type that wants big bang for buck, so either I will construct one from scratch or buy a DIY kit, even a cob type will be considered.  The interior will be either 30 or 32".   Several times a year I use a cordierite kiln shelf as a pizza stone in my weber kettle.  I can get the temp up to around 700º and make wood flavored pizza, it tastes just like wood fired pizza oven pizzas, very yummy.
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Wood burning ovens are the shizzle. I have a couple of friends who have one, and if I ever get to a place where it's within the realm of possibility, it's one of the FIRST things I'll have put in. 


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If I had the backyard space I would have one. Did any of you catch a recent episode of BBQ University with Steven Raichlen? In it he had a really sweet wood burning oven one wheels. You can see what I am talking about here:
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Batali is also making his own line of ovens. Check these out:

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I have a J&R "Little Red Smokehouse" that I use for BBQ"ing and it has a large refractory lined firebox. After BBQi"ng a load of meat I push the wood and coals to the rear of the firebox and use it for bread, pizza, etc. Multitaskers are great.

I have a book titled "Build Your Own Earth Oven" by Kiko Denzer and Hannah Field published by Hand Print Press


It has just about everything you need to know to build a wood fired mud oven.

justin abare hoyt

I am building a a brick oven. Just stared this fall with the foundation and will probably finish in the spring. www.fornobravo.com  is an awesome brick oven site

justin abare hoyt

You could definitely build and oven with the instructions from forno bravo
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