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That steak link is VERY interesting. They want $79 for for a 2-pc. pkg. of hanger steak that averages 1.3 lbs. ... That’s almost $67 lb. ... I buy LOTS of hanger steak. Retail average is +/- $12 lb. Shopping at the Depot I’ve gotten mine for less than $6 lb every time. In the very beginning when this cut came out maybe +/- 10-years ago it was less than $1 lb. (94¢ lb.). At that time we were selling it for $8 lb. We couldn’t trim out enough and we were constantly sold out every day.


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These links are inserted automatically to help fund the site. They certainly are interesting that way.
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Wow... I also like the way they specify "American" Wagy u... My experience with the beast is the "wagyu-ishness" is all over the map - since the US version is an Angus cross, I suspect it has to do with how much angus is in the wagyu (or vice versa)...

Back to the original topic... I'm not really surprised about the OSH rub... a LOT of really successful seasoning platforms turn out to be really simple and really successful, partly because they're so easily built. The trick is also how and when in the process they're applied... You can take our proprietary rub, put it on at the wrong time or quantity (or species - I once did turkey with it - woah!), and totally change it's flavor profile...

Maybe I'll have to experiment on some of this fine $65 a lb Angyu (or is it Wagus?)... which I can source locally for a lot less. Oughta be fun!
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I bought a 5# package of frozen "wagyu ground beef 80/20" from D'artagnan once, but Wagyu at 80/20 really??? I figured it to be more like 65/45, or something. It's delicious beef, but what they are adding to it I have no idea.

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