Out of Hollandaise... what do you do? (humor)

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not as funny but actually works:

seedy holland. Food process egg yolks. Drizzle some boiling water carefully and add your clarified butter(you always have some extra right)

if that fails 14. Egg white hollandaise, extra healthy(béchamel in french).
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OMG, I usually complain about zombie threads, but this one had me (a relative newbie to the forum) in stitches... Thank you, it's giving me some hope that 2021 will be a breath of fresh air after the year that shall not be named...

We faked #7 at a place that deserved no less, I WAS the poor fool that got stuck with #3 when I was a Garde Manger, and was taught how to make a fast micro-batch of hollandaise by a chef who was a prince and a hell of an evil boss. On a Sunday. And that whole day he kept re-enforcing it (#%!*#%@&!!!) until I HATED draining egg yolks... But...

Sometimes the slavedriver gives you a gift that saves your butt in the far off future - not only making do, but literally hauling butt like a maniac. Sure taught me to appreciate people like that. Did I like it? Not even close, But I remember it. EVERYONE should have one of those moments. REALLY changes you.

I was also thinking... There's a quart of wallpaper paste in the storeroom... what could I do with it? :emoji_laughing: :emoji_confounded: :emoji_laughing:

Have an awesome week - hopefully one week closer to the end of this Covid thing!
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