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Try and give it a shot. It's less then half an hour of tv. He visits a bunch of local establishments and works a service with them.
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To be a celebrity chef , the last thing you have to be is a chef and the last thing you have to know is how to cook.  Bobby Flay admits this in his interviews. It is scripted ,produced and directed by others. The food is preped by stylist and technicians. Food networks main thing now is selling kitchenware and magazines, and franchising its name and logo. Ms. Johnson is a pro at that and I must give her credit. As far as shows I like diners and dives because it shows me ethnic cuisine throughout the US  As far as Guy as host ? or chef   as we said in Brooklyn Forgetaboutit. It could be hosted by Alex Trebek
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.....It could be hosted by Alex Trebek

Who probably has a better appreciation of good food.

Certainly he wouldn't be mocking the folks who make the show possible, the way Fieri does. And he most assuredly wouldn't be doing things like dripping an overstuffed sandwich all over the prep stations.
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I've caught the young Vietnamese guy a few times. Enjoyed it. think his name is Luke Nguyen
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I really believe him eating like a slob in every kitchen is a discrace. Then touching other things without washing his paws. 

If it were my kitchen I would not permit it, I don;t care what the producers would say.

        It would be great one day if a Health Dept Inspector walked in. Now that would make a great reality show.!!!!
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