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We did our own survey of customers over the last month or so. It was the general concensus that The Food Network Channel has finally bit the bullet.

The most popular comment regarding the food aspect was that the network has finally hit the bottom of the barrel for new tallent. Most of our customers are not even current on any new show. The major talents were viewed as just collecting checks trying to find new talent. They have totally run out of concepts. More then one customer were totally confused by taking people off the street and them qualifying them as best in the world.

  They are totally that the shows are totally scripted for shock value.

   Most of the females were definately over the boobs and hair flying all over the place, high heels, almost total ansenjse of sanitation.

There was some good feedback from Chopped although most tuned out for the judging. I have only seen this show a few times but it was almost unamimous about judges, pompous, arrogant, and um well the word critical bitsh from Butter.

They were all over the cake aspect of competitions. Unanimous that there was nothing about baking or cakes. Most were destination commercials. Biggest comment " what in the world is with rice krispies?"

BREAKING NEWS. One of our best customers just emailed me about a competition going on now. He's not a chef but a foodie. He just told me he had to plug in a seperate keyboard because he just got sick on his lap. He's a funny guy, he's taping for me. Something star wars..Comments, Disney commercial, blindfolded decorating a plastic r2d2. He said he just fired of a scathing letter of to FN. He claims this one is soo bad that even Kerry Vincent has nothing to say.

Vinny is a local firefighter, he's a hoot.  He also mentioned about a Gordon Ramsey copycat by some chef that appears to have ridden the short bus to school for many years. I don't have a clue who that might be LOL.

I haven't really put together anything formal but I think we're seeing the end coming.

Kids are watching cake boss. Never FN

Sorry, this is soo fragmented.

How I miss Julia!
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What??? You don't think Guy Fugetme is one of the greatest things to hit the American culinary scene in decades??

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I actually watch the cooking channel now instead. I watch a few things here and there... but I do not like the road they have taken... like they are bravo or something with all the pretty people... though Bobby Flay is a foot... I am pretty much done with the reality tv aspect of FN.
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It would look like one of these:

Avec Eric

Lidia's Italy

New Scandinavian Cooking

Julia and Jacques

Martin Yan's Chinatown

Primal Grill with Steven Raichlen

Taste of Louisiana with Chef John Folse

It doesn't have to blow my mind.  I just want to watch people cook.

Rock stars and attitudes need not apply.
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Please remember that I'm just passing some information.

Personally I prefer shows like left4food. I also enjoy realistic food preperation.

I also think the trend with food shows might be following the masses which are getting a little tired of all the reality shows.

I thought it was pretty funny how Fox photo shopped multiple shots of the same people waiting on line for G. Ramseys show.

When you really look there is actually only a handful of people  there.
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Can't think of the name, but the guy who tries to eat himself to death. I feel within 6 years we will all be reding how nice he was when they publish his obituary. Also the guy who eats all the wierdo things, his day is coming to.  They are both great comedies and fun to watch.
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I'm with left4bread.  However, those shows are hardly ever on, I can't remember the last time I happenstanced upon Andreas Viestad on the tv.  The FoodNetwork has very little programming that I watch.  I've never watched the Next FN Star, I really do not like Chopped because the judges are so sour faced and pompous.  Once in a while I'll tune in to Ina or Giada but they don't impress me much either.  I especially do not like the big stars of FN like Paula, Sandra, Emeril, Bobby, and Guy.

I've been watching the Cooking Channel, I'm pleased that they keep La Dolce Vita and Jamie Oliver on, although I've watched those JO episodes at least 5x each.
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At least Emeril  could cook. You don't become The Ex. Chef at the busiest rest . in New Orleans  1000 cover a day, with a great rep. by not knowing how to cook (Commanders Palace)  owned by The Brennan Family.
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Also the guy who eats all the wierdo things, his day is coming to.  They are both great comedies and fun to watch.

Are you talking about Andrew Zimmerman? I would be surprised if you were. His show is one of the best out there for showing you the reality of food, which is the places and people that offer up such diversity a world apart from our humble little NYC kitchens with wannabe Indian or Italian cuisine. I think his show is like a great authenticate cookbook but with the sights and sounds to accompany it.
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  You mention comedy.

I know I'm wierd!! But I often wake my wife and myself up laughing. I have recurring dreams of a food show on TV. I actually have many episodes written

in my head. Demonstrating actual skilled international fare. It5alian, Chinese, desserts,etc.

I basically play the co-host straight guy chef. The host is John Pinette.  Not along the lines of Dom D. but completely original. I prepare the menu and John

would tell little quips referring to the dish.

I have actually tried to contact him with no results.

Told you I was wierd!!!/img/vbsmilies/smilies/biggrin.gif  I crack myself up.
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Are you talking about Andrew Zimmerman?

I don't think he is, Eastshores. I believe he's referring to that clown (whose name escapes me) who does things like sit down to eat a 6 pound steak, or a pizza the size of Rhode Island---that sort of thing.

Basically, he's celebrating raw gluttony, and getting paid to do it.
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Ah yes.. the man vs. food guy. I've tried to suffer through it once or twice but there is no redeeming quality to that show. They might as well just make it "Man vs. Beer" and each episode a crowd from a different college bar can yell "CHUG! CHUG! CHUG! CHUG!" The show is between 25 and 45 minutes long, depending on when the host falls off his stool.
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I like Diners Drive-ins and Dives... not because of Guy Fieri, but because the stories about the people and the restaurants are great. I'd never get a chance to meet those people and hear their stories, and they're just fascinating to listen to. In my mind Fieri is irrelevant to the show, and the recipes are largely irrelevant too. The whole point is the people.
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those shows are hardly ever on, I can't remember the last time I happenstanced upon Andreas Viestad on the tv. 
I'm on the West Coast, so I'm not sure what your public TV channel options are on the other coast.

I was gonna check East Coast listings, but their website is down right now.

Maybe you can check it later:  


I wish that they'd set up a channel specifically for cooking, but watching a traveling show every once in a while is cool.

I could do without the arts & crafts programs.

All of those shows I listed plus more, like Ming Tsai (remember when he was on the FN?).

Check it out.  /img/vbsmilies/smilies/smile.gif
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I liked the old master chef program. They'd go to a certain chef (not necessarily famous), and he'd cook a few dishes for the camera in his kitchen. They had really really bad audio, though.

Also good are "Sandwiches You Will Like" and similar documentaries.

I'd really like to see is a documentary that focuses on one restaurant and all aspects of its service, especially BOH. I've read stuff like this in book form (ie The Fourth Star), and it'd be good for film.
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Yeah yeah, I think I know what you're talking about.

I remember one where they cut scene when a chef started yelling at his DW.

And another where they cut scene and the chef had a bandage on his hand in the next scene.

Cracked me up.

I tried that link.  Lost me in the intro when he said "but here's the catch!.."

The "ticking clock" in a food show doesn't do it for me.

Looked like Bourdain shtick without the Bourdain (+1 for that).

Different strokes for different folks, I guess.
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