Our famous succulent phrazes coated with a melange of fresh phrazes

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  1. Not to sure if this is making any sense, trying to find new ways to express my amazement in the kitchen:
    • WTF, a little dated
    • Holy crap.  sab
    • JHC
    Fresh phrazes:
    1. Radical amylopectins.
    2. Frosty heat waves.
    3. Holy polar attractions.
    4. Cackling whacks of jibber jabber.
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  3. Kinda of trying to fool around with phrases that are based on molecular gastronomy/ biochemistry, and now that I think about it I would change radical amy...to sweet amylopectin, meaning"sweet sugar I found something out!" Now for frosty heatwaves, you have to heat Li Ni to 312 or 320, not to sure which one and you can make ice cream in 2 Min's. Its more of a play on words, describing "holy sh..' I didn't you could do that. Although my true purpose for this thread was to come up with "new descriptive wording for menus", seeing most of us know what we don't like, lets see if we can find new and funny things I'd like to see on menus.