Other jobs/hobbies besides cooking

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    I have been doing some laser engraving and with the current gun craze a lot of my business has come from the sector. Pheasant on a Mossberg 500 stock

    Guy wanted a pac man gun, I only did the engraving, none of the color work. Sent it back to him all masked off and ready for paint

    My own personal pistol, second amendment gun

    More can be seen here http://s226.photobucket.com/user/maryalanab/library/Gun engraving?page=1 this started out as a hobby with my engraving my own gun, friend saw it, then my gun dealer saw it and wanted stuff done so I did a trial and put it out on the internet and it has turned into a nice side business.
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    No "side business" to speak of, but I do a lot of woodworking. After 10-12 hr days multi tasking,it's kinda nice to focus on only one thing.  The hobby does come in handy though, I did all of the millwork and cabinets in my store, and I make "merchandisers" or stand -up units to display my products in a two supermarket chains.