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It's a great word
It means grumpy, argumentative, "old bastard"

I find this quality very common in our industry. Both BOH, FOH and with diners too.
Is food service really just a place for all of us to find reasons to complain? Safely?
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Some examples:

I have a friend who worked under the Disney brand. "Happiest Place on Earth "? My arse.
Was treated like a bug under everyone's shoe - and she was a great chef!

As a FOH manager, you can pick them the moment they walk in the door and darken your day. "I'm here for a night out, and a great dinner, but even before you talk to me, I've decided not to enjoy myself because it's far more important that my complaints are fawned over by your manager/my servant, so that everyone knows how important I am."

To Chef
Me: The guests would like to share the appetiser, could you please make it over two plates?
(Me, dodging flying knives, pots and random micro herbs)
"So that's a no?"

I have done this work for a long long time, and I get it, but it doesn't have to be this hard.
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I always tell wait staff that there are people who go out to have bad time because it makes them feel better about their lives, so let them have a bad time, without compromising our standards, just do your normal and strive for perfection. Don't let them get to you.

Pessimists are actually happier than optimists. Optimists expect the best and are rarely experience that. Pessimist expect the worst and when that happens they can say "told you so" or if things turn out better than expected they are pleasantly surprised.

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