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Hi all,

After working my way up the industry, I've landed my first head chef position at a 30 seater gastropub.

In the past i have only worked with undercounter service fridges, which are easy to organize MEP into 6 pans and 9 pans for convenience in service.

The kitchen I am taking over only has 3 fairly basic stand up fridges, and it's giving me a headache how to organise these efficiently.

if anyone's got any experience that might be useful, I look forward to Your help.
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The proper storage hierarchy is, starting from top to bottom;
Ready to eat foods
Chops and steaks (beef, bison, pork and lamb) (135* cook temp)
Seafood (145* cook temp)
Ground meats (beef, bison, pork, lamb) (158* cook temp)
Poultry (165* cook temp)
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Having three separate coolers I would right away designate one for your proteins and reduce cross contamination as much as possible from the start. Second as a vegetable/produce cooler, and third for ready made mise/sauces/processed veg.


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Hi all.
Instead of starting a new thread, I thought I'd post this here as it's kinda relevant...

I've just taken a job as kitchen manager of a place in London. In the prep fridge (the only fridge) the staff have decided to also store beer and wine bottles too. I personally am not comfortable with this due to breakage and cross contamination... but wondered if there is any law/hygiene code which prevents this?

I've looked online and can't find anything to help, so I've turned to you guys! Many thanks

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