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The first step toward running a good kitchen will be organization and asking a question like this is my first step. Here is what I come up with as organization and equipment goals.

1. Easy quick access to needed tools and spices. We have cupboards full of things unused for years then the other useful cupboards are too cluttered. Spread it out to be able to find it and move the small table out of our 10x10 kitchen at least when working.

2. Containers: I bought another batch of the Costco snap lock glass containers as I like the way they snap tight and stack well. I need to find good space efficient liquid containers.

3. Knives and measuring devices, spatulas: I need to upgrade these and my pots and pans.

I seek to achieve optmum ergonomic efficiency in my kitchen therefore the items used the most in general will be the easiest to get to in general.

4. Having useful information quick at hand in case it is needed i.e. food storage times.

Just sharing my thoughts, any comments welcome.
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After cleaning out the junk (lord, does it accumulate!) and reorganizing, ask yourself again if you want to remove the small table. Chances are it will come in handy as additional prep/counter space.

Another question you have to answer for yourself is whether efficiency or aesthetics are more important. They don't always run together, and balancing the two is an individual decision.

For instance, my most used knives are on a magnet bar, over my counter, attached to one of the cabinent doors. Most people think it looks like crap. Can't say as I disagree. But for me, efficiency is paramount. Similarly, my most used pots and pans hang from hooks. They are clean, but not polished. These are working tools, not display items.

As to upgrading pots and pans, my advice is to go slow. Good knives and cookware doesn't come cheap. So first build your knife collection, one at a time, assuring that the make, model, and style is actually what you need. Then move on to pots and pans; again, thinking long and hard before making a purchase.

The fact is, knives are your most important kitchen tool. With good knives, properly maintained, the other cookware almost doesn't matter. Which is why building the knife collection trumps everything else.
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Thanks again for the great reply to my question. You have been a great help in this exciting endeavor. I appreciate the valuable time you have set aside to assist me.
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