Ordering spices online?

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I need a bunch of spices. Haven't bought any in a while. I need cumin, paprika, smoked paprika, saffron, star anise, vanilla, cinnamon, cloves, black pepper, pink pepper, chipotle, coriander seeds, etc... probably more.

I'm thinking of trying to buy those online for once. I've heard of Penzeys.com - any experience with them? Any other online spice retailer I should consider over Penzeys?

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Now you're having me look at some Iberico ham, and paellera pans. Look at what you made me do! Maybe some dried chorizo too!! Oh noooo!! :thumb:
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Penzey's has a good selection of black, green and pink peppers, cloves, and anise.

Why, living in Southern California, you'd consider an online source for cinnamon or chipotle I have no idea. All I can think of is that you are one loco, pinche gabacho. Just go to any large Mexican super and you'll find a huge slection of all sorts of reasonably priced, freshly dried or freshly fresh, and high quality spices. Cheap too. If you need to me recommend a store, PM and tell me which part of Los Angeles is yours, and between us we can come up with a few alternatives.

Also, there are a number of places selling excellent paprika; and you might as well go to one of them and pick up some olive oil, deli and so on while you're at it. For instance, I get mine, smoked, sweet and regular, Spanish and Hungarian, from Claro's.

The best online source for saffron and vanilla is Golden Gate brands at Welcome to Vanilla Saffron Imports. The site is a little confusing, and the portal's links mostly go to informational pages. Look at the "store" section on the page's upper-right and you'll be fine.

Good saffron is expensive, but you don't want to use anything other than the best you can get your hands on. It's not only better, it's more economical too. Golden Gate's is the best at the best price.

If anything, their vanilla is an even better deal. You'll be tempted to buy lots and lots. Give in.

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Penzey's, I just got in my yearly chili powder spices and choked and coughed on chili dust last Tuesday :lol:
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I'm a Penzeys cook, too. I like that I can buy small amounts so the spices don't go bad before I can use them up.
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Thanks you guys, great to know. I've already got a pretty long shopping list, so I'll place some orders tomorrow!
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The spice house are great. (I don't deal with them mail order. I visit the store in evanston periodically when I m nearby. I know people who do, with good results.)
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Spicies online is new one on me, sounds like a great way to save money. Those little jars are $6 -$7 at the store. Where is the best place?
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t...I cannot believe you just asked that question.....read the posts. The OP was spot on about buying freshly dried spices from a Mexican market. In fact, if you live near a culturally diverse area, with a bit of research ALL (or at least MOST) of your spices can be procured during a pleasant Sunday outing.
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off to penzey's today, if you get a chance to visit one of their stores take it.....it's an adventure.
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